Consignment Information

Consignment Information

We only accept Name Brand Clothing, Shoes & Accessories in New or Like New Condition and not older than 2 years. We do not take items from Walmart, Target, Kohls, The Children’s Place, and other discount retailers.

A great Rule of Thumb we use is “If you would buy it, we will sell it!”

Please no dirt, rips, stains, etc.

We take Clothing by Seasons! In February we start Spring & Summer & in July we start fall, September we start winter.

You may stop in anytime we are open, no appointment needed. Your items do not have to be on hangers, we use our own. They must be clean, neat & ready to be sold. We will look at your items and accept what we think will sell. Once we take your items, we will enter them into our system and add to your account. We will email you your list of consignments. This is the only email you will receive, on this email it will list your items (make sure to check the quantity section), the price and the expiration date. We sell items for 60 days. You may then track your sales online by using our Consignor Center on this website and you will use your email address as BOTH your username and your password. Your items will show up online as sold, 2 weeks after they sell. You may stop in for a Consignor Check between the 1st and the 15th of any month. If you want your unsold items back you must stop in on or before your expiration date and find your items in the store. You are responsible for finding your items, taking the tags & hangers off and handing them in. If you do not stop in on or before the expiration date the items become property of the Painted Daisy.